NOLA City Beach at Algiers Point

Stop by our open house meeting and learn about the exciting NOLA City Beach project proposed for the Algiers Point river batture. Meet with representatives from the project team and share your thoughts.

The open houses are a series of meetings designed to engage residents, businesses and property owners along specific corridors within a wide radius of the proposed development. Meetings will be held every two weeks for different blocks surrounding the Algiers Point batture.

Open houses will be held for 7 separate zones, moving from the river towards Opelousas Avenue.

zone 2 : 6/15
zone 3 : 6/29
zone 4 : 7/13
zone 5 : 7/27
zone 6 : 8/10
zone 7 : 8/24

Send us an email if you want to know exactly what zone you’re in or need more details about upcoming meetings.


With assistance from SOUL (Sustaining our Urban Landscape), Old Algiers Main Street Corporation "honored" one its community leaders by planting a row of trees along the public right of way in historic Old Algiers.

Beryl Ragas, who died on November 3, 2016, was a dedicated volunteer and stalwart supporter of "greening" the commercial corridors of Old Algiers in an effort to create a welcoming atmosphere for residents, businesses and visitors.

Sixteen Sweetbay Magnolia trees were planted along the sidewalk on Newton Street between Atlantic Avenue and Thayer Street, along with some live oaks at the nearby Holy Name of Mary Cemetery.

While this will be the last planting until fall, OAMSC will continue to raise funds to place more trees along the commercial corridors of Old Algiers, and all donations are tax deductible. You are invited to donate to the effort. Each tree costs $120, but any amount of donation is welcome. Mail to PO Box 740181, NOLA 70174.

Friends, family and SOUL volunteers joined OAMSC to plant trees in memory of Beryl Ragas, a well-known community activist.

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We invite you to explore the site and discover Old Algiers. From its turn-of-the (20th)-century architecture to its rich jazz history to the Canal Street Ferry, Old Algiers is a dynamic urban community with a small town feel. Off the beaten track for most visitors, it is always a welcome surprise. Visit the Web site, then visit Old Algiers – New Orleans’ Best-Kept Secret!

Mission Statement: Old Algiers Main Street Corporation is dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of the historically commercial corridors of Old Algiers.




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